Uzma, the creator of The Sunbird Bungalow


I’m Uzma, the creator of The Sunbird Bungalow. I work full-time in the tech industry, but I’ve always had a passion and knack for home decor and interior design. Over the past couple of years as a young professional and apartment-dwelling homebody on a budget, I’ve immersed myself in the world of decorating. Through trial and error, countless hours of research, and plenty of Pinterest binges, I’ve transformed my apartment into a colorful space I almost never want to leave. I started this blog to share the valuable lessons I’ve learned along my home decor journey and to help others who may be embarking on their own decorating projects.

My story:

When I received my first full-time job offer on March 12, 2020, I was already daydreaming about life after college graduation. I couldn’t wait to finally move out of my hometown and into my first “real” apartment in a bigger city! Little did I know that the outbreak of Covid-19 would shut the entire country down the very next day. Five months later, I started my new job virtually from my bedroom, at home with my parents and siblings instead of hundreds of miles away from them.

In hindsight, it was a blessing to stay home with my close-knit family rather than be alone in a new city during the uncertainty and isolation of a pandemic. But I was still so eager to furnish and decorate an apartment for the first time! In my free time after work, I scoured the internet for decor inspiration and absorbed as much information as I could about creating stylish yet functional spaces.

At that point, I had no idea when or even where my company would relocate me, but the delay gave me time to plan and budget for an apartment. In fact, I may have gone a little overboard with planning: I kept a giant Pinterest board of every piece of furniture and decor that caught my eye and went so far as to create detailed floor plans for random apartments I found in cities I hoped to be placed in, just so I could visualize precisely how items on my Pinterest wish list might fit.

Of course, my fascination with decorating was nothing new. When I wanted to rearrange my bedroom as a young teenager, I meticulously drafted new layouts using a floor plan I drew on graph paper, nearly to scale, after measuring my whole room and all my furniture. And after graduating high school, the aspect of college I was most excited about was transforming a dorm room into my own cozy haven. At the time, my decorating vision was confined to my bedroom at home and pre-furnished housing in college, so I was enthralled with the idea of my first unfurnished apartment, where I could bring my ideas to life in every corner.

Considering how much I had read about home decor and planned for my apartment since starting my job after college, I felt almost like an expert when I finally moved nearly a year later. But planning for an apartment is vastly different from actually setting one up, and I learned so much more in the process of making my vision a reality. There are so many valuable lessons I wish I had known when I first started decorating my apartment, and I created The Sunbird Bungalow to help others transform their own spaces without making the same mistakes I did.

What to expect from The Sunbird Bungalow:

I understand the excitement that comes with decorating your first place, as well as the challenges of where to begin and how to make the most of limited space and resources. While I can’t magically make your home bigger, you’ll find a wealth of resources here tailored to newcomers starting their home decor journeys. My blog focuses on providing practical tips, helpful guides, and creative ideas inspired by the lessons I’ve learned from my own experiences. From selecting the perfect furniture sizes to navigating color schemes, I’ll share insights that are particularly relevant to renters and apartment dwellers on a budget. Consider this blog a roadmap for navigating the often overwhelming world of home decor.

While I don’t claim to be a professional interior decorator or designer, I believe that passion, creativity, and curiosity can go a long way in achieving beautiful and inviting living spaces. I want The Sunbird Bungalow to be a place where you feel inspired, encouraged, and supported on your decorating journey. Together, let’s create spaces we love coming home to!

Happy decorating!


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